Elida Neri

Short Bio

Graduated in Physiotherapy from the University Center of Maringa (2004), it was a fellow of FAPESP Technical Training (2006-2007) in the Laboratory of Membrane Transporters of Molecular Biology at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences at the University of São Paulo guided by Prof. Dr. Nancy Amaral Reboucas. Master in Human Physiology from the University of São Paulo (2009) and PhD in Human Physiology in the same institute in the field of Renal Physiology with emphasis in Molecular Biology (2014). It has expertise in molecular biology techniques (RNA extraction, DNA, PCR, construction of recombinant plasmids, transformation, transfection of epithelial cells, sequencing, RT-PCR, analysis of protein expression, enzymatic activity assays, protein interaction techniques as Shift-DNA Gel and Chip Assay) and Cell Biology (culture of immortalized cells and primary culture). It is currently a Laboratory Analyst at the Heart Institute (INCOR) in Genetics and Molecular Cardiology Laboratory.


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