Juliana da Rocha dos Santos

Short Bio

PhD student and Master from Faculty of Medicine, at the University of São Paulo - USP (2015) and graduated in Pharmacy from Mackenzie University (2011). In her master's project, performed in the Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Cardiology, Heart Institute, at the University of São Paulo (InCor-HC / USP), she evaluated the effect of genetic polymorphisms on therapeutic response to drugs for smoking cessation. The research found association of two polymorphisms with improved therapeutic response to varenilcina (published in the Journal Frontiers in Genetics) and bupropion (published in the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology), respectively; the study was commented in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo and in the Jornal da Band (in the television network Bandeirantes).

Line of Investigation

  • Pharmacogenetic avaliation in patients trated with drugs for smoking cessation


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