Leno Luis Dima

Short Bio

Graduated from Sciences-Full Degree in Biology at University Center Baron of Maua Ribeirão Preto / SP (2004) and specialized in Environmental Sciences with Area of Concentration in Environmental Management at the University Center Claretiano Bahiagrass / SP (2010). Was responsible for planning, execution and monitoring of institutional communication APAE Bahiagrass SP 2007 will 2013 where coordinated teams supporting aspects related to the preparation of projects for fundraising, productive sectors and customer education. Worked as a researcher in the Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Cardiology, Heart Institute - Incor - HCFMUSP, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. José Eduardo Krieger conducting studies in the area of Cardiac Regeneration after onset due to ischemic heart disease: stem cell therapy, induced pluripotent cells (iPS English) among other approaches. Has experience in the environmental field with an emphasis on development of technical, scientific, reports and advisory projects.


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