Samantha Kuwada Teixeira

Short Bio

Major in Biology by University of São Paulo and master in Science by Medical School of University of São Paulo under supervision of professor Dr. José Eduardo Krieger. Has experience in genetics, molecular biology and system biology, with emphasis on complex diseases. Currently doing PhD in genetics of hypertension in collaboration with Bruce Beutler Lab - UT Southwestern Medical Center. Is also involved with projects in functional genomics in complex diseases that are being developed in the Lab .


  1. VAQUERO, A. R.;FERREIRA, N. E.;OMAE, S. V.;RODRIGUES, M. V.;TEIXEIRA, S. K.;Krieger, J. E.;PEREIRA, A. C.;.Using gene-network landscape to dissect genotype effects of TCF7L2 genetic variant on diabetes and cardiovascular risk. Physiological Genomics (Print),v.44,903 - 914,2012;